We produce this report in 30 seconds with state of the art equipment and differs only fractionally in precision and accuracy from reports produced using underwater, dexa and other types of measuring technologies. 

Please note in the lower right hand corner this report actually quantifies your excess bodyfat and lean muscle mass. These numbers are scientifcally based and establish what your true weight should be. 

Please note in the middle of the report Skeletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass. This tells you how much muscle and fat you have in pounds. The amount of macronutrients we recomend and show you how to take each day is based on these numbers . Most diets fail because they don't account for the amount of lean muscle and fat you have. That usually results in the loss of both lean muscle mass and fat. Long term those diets fail aren't healthy and individuals really don't learn what to do.   

Our program will lead to fat loss, while maintaining lean muscle mass. Science has shown that this type of approach signifcantly improves long term heath and its corresponding markers. These include healthy overall cholesterol levels, low tryglyceride levels, and reduced blood pressure levels. You will quickly discover what macronutrients consist of and how to identify them. 

The process is quick, and user freindly and takes about 20 minutes.  

Pat Smith CISSN