Our products and Nutritional Body Scan Nutritional program uses the latest technology and science far surpassing  other methods and or programs in the market today for achieving healthy changes desired by individuals like you wanting to loose weight, cut fat, and improve overal muscle tone and definition . 

Most quotes  nutrition and or diet plans promote weight loss by reducing caloric intake and increasing caloric output. This type of weight loss usually results in losing 1 pound of muscle and 1 pound of fat per 2 pounds of total weight loss. A pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day.  Loosing 20 or 30 pounds or more  of total weight may sound like a great idea but not if 50% of the weight loss is muscle.   A 20 pound total weight loss from  an ordinary type of diet would result in losing 10 pounds of musle.  Losing that much muscle or any of your muscle  isn't  going to improve your tone or definition.   Also those diets don't really teach you how to take care of your nutritional needs long term, and also promote faster and greater  weight gain once you go off them, because the 10 pounds of muscle you lost is no longer there to burn the extra calories once you start consuming more calories once you go off the so called typical diet. 

Our system measures the exact amount of muscle you have and structures  your daily intake so you can maintain  or increase that amount while loosing only your fat. Many diets claim to preserve lean muscle but don't provide detailed reports containing your levels of muscle to begin with, and are suspect. 

Our system determines precisely how much extra fat you have in pounds and if you have healthy levels of muscle.  It will provide an easy to learn and follow turnkey approach for converting what ever you want to eat into appropriate amounts so you lose fat and maintain or increase your muscle mass resulting in increased tone and definition.

Science has shown our approach is the most effiecient, and healthiest available , and dramatically reduces bad cholesterol,  and dramatically increases good cholesterol  compared to most other diets. 

Our store is independently owned and operated and retains the right to set our prices, specials and other policiesdifferently from those offered at or stated by the manufacturers of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition products. Typicaly our in store pricing is cheaper than the normal every day web pricing available at the manufacturers website.

Typically we don't offer cash refunds, or credits. We consider exchanges on a case by case basis.